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So the story goes, there was once an assassin hidden amongst the courtesans.  For every successful kill and escape, she would add a red butterfly to her bracelet.  One day the bracelet was found on the side of a dock, hung on the handle of a knife that had been hers, and no trace of either the assassin nor the nobleman she was sent to kill (who would have been the ninth butterfly) was ever found.  A romantic heart may tell you that she fell in love with the nobleman and they sailed away together.  I see nothing wrong with hoping for that.

So I am terrible at waiting for things and I also sort of wanted to do something simple.  No, actually simple, not just the "fake simple" I usually get roped into.  I've had these eight red glass butterfly beads set aside for a very long time, and that little story in my head ever since.  Finally doing something simple in a "less is more" sort of thing makes me happy.

(For Sale)

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