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Aithne's an explorer.  From the moment she was out of her egg she's been out to explore the world, one tree at a time--but she's always sure to be back in time for dinner.

"Aithne" is Celtic for "little fire", and that is absolutely what she is.  I had no particular plans when I started, but clearly she asserted herself easily so it wasn't a problem.  The inner wire structure as been improved and reinforced from spine to toes, and that includes the real silk velvet tail, making her fully poseable.

And then there is that fur.  I've been wanting to do fur like this for forever, so finally getting the opportunity to try it is nice.  A major pain and very time-consuming, but the end result is exactly what I was going for.  Plus it's incredibly soft to the touch, much like the velvet.

I have no idea what stone that is for her eyes, though.  They were beautiful and perfect and part of an assortment, so if anyone does know please feel free to tell me. 
(Best guess so far: fancy jasper.)


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