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Sebian has a deep curiosity about the world.  A "hunger", if you like.  In fact, he's really very interested in food.  Cooking, as well.  Or rather, he likes to do the sampling instead of the cooking.  Such is rather common of a young bead wing dragon, since they've got an awful lot of growing to do.

Yeah, "bead wing".  What else am I gonna call him?  The only plans I really had for this one when I started were 1.) the yarn color, and 2.) that he was going to be wyvern-styled.  Everything else was kind of just... what happened.  I'd planned to do the wings completely differently, too.  I really, literally, cannot explain what happened--but I'm not complaining.  Even if the wings did take me four days.

Wings.  Four days.  More beads that I will try to count on a thin, easily flexible and "bouncy" wire base.  All very shiny.  I feel it is important to note here that anyone considering caring for this young dragon will need to be exceedingly gentle with the wings.  Yes, the "feathers" were designed for easy movement and poseability, but that means they're very easy to bend.  Gentleness is necessary.

In order to remain stable, Sebian has a reinforced wire spine and double-reinforced legs.  That worked out very well, I must say.  Some poses still take a little work to strike the right balance between legs and arms, but he'll definitely hold there without problems.

And yes, he is fully poseable, fully flexible, and fully scratch-under-the-chin-able.

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