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Vel and Rox are from a species of swamp dragon that science has yet to  name.  The term "swamp dragon" isn't particularly descriptive, either,  though "jewel-headed swamp dragons" sounded vaguely insulting, so that  was vetoed.  Regardless, Vel (blue) and Rox (pink) are a pair of relatively young siblings who seemed interested in traveling outside of the swamp, so they really didn't mind hitching a ride out of there.

I hadn't meant to make them so big.  And I hadn't meant to make two.  So I guess I haven't learned my lesson about not bothering to plan quite yet.  It was really a project to use up some old yarn and play with various colors, and then... well, everything I do snowballs.  I must simply accept that.  Both lovelies are comprised of acrylic yarn, fully wired along the spine, tail, legs and feet.  Their eyes are brilliant red dyed jade, forehead jewels are "cat's eye" glass, and the super sparkly accents are permanently painted on thanks to fabric paint and iridescent pigments.  They both measure approximately 14.5 inches from nose to tail tip, and when their back legs are fully extended perpendicular to their bodies, they span approximately 10 inches from foot tip to foot tip.

(For Sale)

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