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Corbin's the younger, and definitely the quiet, reserved type. He's thoughtful and friendly, he just prefers to listen and observe. Any shyness that other perceive is completely thrown out the window when he's asked to complete a task. A little strutting never hurt anyone.

Carden is, simply, silly. He's definitely a prankster, using his mock-innocence to misdirect so that he can hide and move things. Unbeknownst to his handler, there's a small collection of "lost keys" buried by the barn...

First off, what you have to know about these two is that their eyes are a little different. Corbin had real tiger's eye beads, and Carden has real jade. So I felt the need to treat my little black chocobos, what can I say. The camera does not properly pick up the tiger's eye, but it's got gorgeous bands of gold and dark honey.


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