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Fighters, brawlers, racers; Ferdinand is a fan of them all.  You wouldn't think six toes and a beak could manage to pull off a dozen special moves in a row, but he's more than happy to prove you wrong.  Don't make any bets, okay?

Ferdinand is the second chocobo made specifically for Desert Bus for Hope's charity auction. If you're interested in getting this guy for yourself or checking out the rest of the handmade geekery up for auction, please check in with Desert Bus for Hope on November 17.  If at all possible, there will be previews available the week before.

Standing at 10 inches in height to the very top of his crest (5.5 inches from chest to tail, and 3.5 inches at his widest point), he's a little bigger than my standard adult chocobos.  But all rules go out the window with rainbow birds, y'know?  His body is soft and squishy and poseable to a point, made of acrylic yarn and filled with fiberfill.  Underneath layers and layers of yarn, his feet are wired for balance and poseability.  (And he should be able to hold up relatively light figures just fine, hint hint.)  His eyes are drilled stone beads, though exactly what stone has been driving me a little nuts.  They're obviously dyed, regardless.  And obviously this is not a toy for the young'uns.  I do hope he'll manage to make a fine gamer's companion, though.

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