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Not all Tonberries (Tonberri?) are out to wish you a stabby death. No, some of them are kindly old grandmothers who make better use of their Chef's Knives by slicing a great big piece of boysenberry pie to share with the wonderful grandchildren. The very same lovely grandchildren who made their apron as a surprise gift for their dear old granny. All Tonberries love boysenberry pie, you know. If adventurers would just keeps some boysenberry pie on them, there would be a great decrease in stabby deaths.

If you're not familiar with the Tonberry, they are evil stabby bastards in the Final Fantasy games. Vicious, horrible things. ...But kinda fun, too.

No, there's... really not much to explain here. This was another totally random project that just happened to become even more random. I made the head, then made the body, then thought, "Hey, this looks like a Tonberry!" And then, um... I have no idea what happened. Then I was making and apron. You see, at some point I wondered if all Tonberries were vicious, stabby little bastards. And then I came up with the theory that clearly they could not be. There had to be kindly old grandmotherly Tonberries putting those knives to better use. And grandchildren who would gather together and make their granny a nice apron. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT.

Ahem, anyway. Talk about a lengthy project. Completing the crocheted body alone happened over three days. That is definitely (obviously) hand embroidery on the apron, and then beading on top of that. Lost track of how many days that took, and I'm happy about it--even if it looks horrific. (In my defense, the leaves on the bottom right-hand corner were done first. I then deemed them far too neat and ruined the rest.) Her spectacles only took a couple of minutes, luckily--I've been cut by wire enough times to know how it works very well. The pie and knife accessories are constructed of fleece and painted with fabric paint. Her hair was the last thing. You can blame my partner in geeky crime Schala-Kitty for suggesting that little detail. (I love it, though. She really is much more granny-like now.) The end result stands (or, I guess, sits) at 7 inches in height. I'm going to go take a break now.


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