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Sometimes there is something even more wonderful, even more radiant, even more unimaginably magnificent hiding just beneath the surface.  Go ahead and tease them.

It started with a button.  A beautiful, strange, utterly irresistible button.  I bought it the moment I saw it because I could not fathom walking away from that button.  And then those two cylindrical beads to either side, mirroring the button's peacock hues while throwing in a few tricks of their own.  The other beads just sort of... gravitated toward it.  I can't explain; I've had these elements for well over two years and it finally decided to come together now.  Who am I to question?

There is some serious freaking sparkle here.  There's just no way to get the full extent of how amazingly shiny this button-turned-necklace-centerpiece is or how everything else just seems to drape perfectly off of it.  It's over-the-top and elegant all at once.  Glamo(u)r-punk?  (Seeing as how I was on a steady musical diet of The Killers, The Psychedelic Furs and Planet Funk while I was making this...)  I'm just so happy it all came together.

I will be completely up-front, however.  At times, no matter how careful you are, how many precautions you take, a glass bead will still decide to shatter at the worst, possible, moment.  That happened here.  At the end.  After everything else was reinforced.  And so I sought a creative solution.  And since I'm willing to bet no one can see the mistake, and it in no way affects the stability of the piece itself, that's all I'm going to say.  Success.


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