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Acalyn is a coatl or a winged serpent, really quite content to sing in the highest branches of trees, though given warmth and food and a little doting, she finds human shoulders relatively decent as well.  It's said that these songs are sure to drive away nightmares and bring pleasant dreams to all who hear them, so the next time you happen to hear songs in the forest, you may just want to stick around to listen.  You may also want to see if you can't lure out a lovely singing coatl with some trail mix.  They love the stuff.

I was out to try something different.  And this just kind of happened.  I do like the idea of creatures that can double as jewelry, and somehow it just sort of evolved. this way.  All of the frills are just specially treated fabric so it's not overly stiff and easily flexible, and the fabric paint is the standard type I use for crocheted creatures.  Of course there's also so very much shiny with both tiny glass beads and larger fiber optic ones, plus all of the iridescent pigment mixed into the fabric paint.  I just can't stay away from that stuff, you know.  A large hook and eye finding allow her to clasp shut and turn into a necklace... or a wreath, I suppose.  Either way, her internal structure is wire so she's easy to adjust.

(For Sale)

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