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A promise is a promise, even if it's from a force rather than a person. I will not rest until the sky falls down around me...

Do enlarge this. The sheer amount of color is incredibly worthwhile. No, really. I have no idea why this came to be, exactly. Too many chocobos, not enough cutting myself with wire? Anyway, it just kind of happened. All wire is sterling silver. That gorgeous bottom bead is blue tiger's eye/hawk's eye, the top bead is dichroic glass, and the middle bead off to the left there is liquid crystal. Color-changing. Otherwise known as a "mood bead"; it changes color with temperature. Because my body temperature is lower than most people and clearly I must be a lizard, it's pretty much always blue when I touch it. It shifts into greens, purples, and even sunset golds and rusts. That little "flare" below it is a starburst of Swarovski crystals, but of course. All of the other beads are glass.

As for the title, it's a lyric from "Want" by Recoil. A very... personal song, you could say.


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