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Akanksha isn't quite one of those magical fish who grants wishes.  If a cruel person catches her, then what she whispers in their ear is the truth of their cruelty, and how the rest of the world is pained by such actions.  If a kind person catches her, she will whisper to them of the good things that they have done, and encourage them about the good things that are still left to do.

Fitting, then, that Akanksha would be a barrette. I'd just been looking at images of koi and fighting fish and... decided to try something different?  I have no other explanation.  And I finally found a use for beading thread, at long last!  Ahem.  Those larger beads are mostly gemstone (and argh, I can only identify the quartz with any certainty; the rest is "dyed something") and therefore heavy.  Her pectoral fins are wired beads, and her dorsal fin is comprised of only beads a thread, reinforced with iridescent paint so that it's flexible.

(For Sale)

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