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Despite appearances, Pyrria is actually quite shy.  She opens up and becomes the life of the party when she's comfortable, but until then she is more than content to explore on her own or find a nice little quiet spot to roost and sing to herself.

Pyre birds are often mistaken for phoenixes by (hopefully) well-meaning but generally easily-distracted or just plain inattentive mages, magicians and alchemists.  They're more closely related to dragons than they are to phoenixes, legs designed for running at high speeds and leaping.  That's not to say they don't fly, of course; they rely more on self-made heated air (in part thanks to the heartstone) to stay afloat than their wings.  There was some, shall we say, "unpleasantness" a while back regarding humans and their inability to keep their hands off sparklies that they proclaimed as their own, hence why pyre birds are rarely seen these days.

Things that I had planned: using "flower" beads for the wings and tail, trying a polymer clay beak, and giving her roadrunner feet.  (Roadrunners are cool, be quiet.)  Things I did not plan: EVERYTHING ELSE.  That said, I'm really quite happy with how she turned out.  My days of chocobo making paying off, eh?

The "heartstone" is a great big lovely goldstone cabochon, and her eyes are green aventurine.  There are many, many beads, both glass and acrylic.  And by some strange miracle, I've only managed to include six Swarovski crystals.  Six!  But I did manage to use ALL of the gold-colored wire I had.  Every last inch.  And quite a lot of silver, too, though that's part of the internal structure.  I had planned to give her a hinged/moveable jaw, but ultimately decided that the initial design would probably wear out far too fast and it was a little too late for a redesign, so... it's set this time.  We'll see if there's a "next time" at some point.  ...I don't want to think about that right now.

Side note: she's also very good with dogs.


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