Plucking the String

Date: January 27, 2005
Genre: well... it is music...

Another complete experiment, coming from having tried a little too hard.  You see, it came out of the wreckage of another song that just didn't quite work--if it doesn't gel right away, I tend to let an idea die, or at least rest in the background.  Things with the first version just weren't worked, so I had to scrap it.  Guitar part didn't sound quite right, the rhythms weren't going together... blah.  There's art and then there's work, and it shouldn't be work.
        So I set about constructing this rhythm.  With no plans for it.  And things tend to work much better that way.
        The pictures that come to my mind when I hear this... are quite amusing.  It'd make a great horror movie.

- beat and music copyright 2004,
Orin Drake