Plucking the String

Date: December 30, 2005
Genre: damned if I know

I got me a real microphone.  A real one.  That works.  As you can tell, however, I've got to get used to it...  Point is, microphone.
        Yes, these lyrics were a little rushed.  I kept getting interrupted by a number of factors that proved far more noisy than the old mic would have had be believe.  (In fact, if you listen real close, you'll hear the last interruption at about 2:31...)  Doesn't matter--it worked.
        As for where the song itself came from... well, I just screwed around a bit with Fruity Loops and Acid the night before, came up with something interesting... and didn't think at all of the lyrics until I'd already set up the microphone and started recording.  It's all that came to mind.


I know my way
Through the dark
I know my way

[repeats... a lot]

- lyrics and music copyright 2005,
Orin Drake