Scraps and demos and Goodness

     7/27/09 - It's been a million years and a world away, hasn't it?  I got sick, you know... maybe I still haven't even properly recovered.  I'm not sure it matters now.  I have encouragement again.  Perhaps even, yes, a little bit of drive.  Check out "Transparent".  A million thanks go to Sadi Khan.
Minor Details
What's it Like
definitely surreal
Experiment gone freakier than intended.  Yay!
I think I got lost
I have... no idea...
vocal experiment
Just a little fun with the microphone and filters.
More of a soundtrack, background piece...
Not That Good
simple, weird, and creepy
It's a joke.  No, really.  ...Sort of.
another three chord obsession
Three chords... "and the trith".  Heh.
I Want it All
kinda metal, kinda fucked up
I have no idea where this came from... sorta.
Lost in the Stream
It's, um... well, I found it fun and interesting.
Meddle dark and weird..?
Let's pretend we don't know where this came from...
it's but a dream...
Wherever I am... there I will stay...
All I Need
Musical irridescence..?
Another Story
just, plain, weird
Kinda bouncy, anyway.
This is Not Our War
theme song... kinda
It's a theme for a project... and it's cool.  I mean that.
Why Don't You Move
wake up, dammit
Get off your ass and do what you were meant to do.  Now, bitches.
The is My Life
bite me, Bon Jovi
It's kind of a personal anthem.
Dream Reality
extremely, damn, odd
Sounds like I recorded in a bathroom... in a good way.
Winter Rain
slightly dreamy/soundtrack
Beautifully surreal... even if I do say so myself.
Fool by My Side
sexperimenting! heh
I've never been much for the good guys...
My musical sygil.
It's This Insanity
weirdly experimental
Unique, I will say that much... almost epic, actually.
My Will Be Done
odd trance-ish..? 1/1/06
Oh you better listen.
I Know My Way
damned if I know
Santa brought me a real microphone.  Ohhell yes.
I Could Never Live on My Knees indier than thou! 11/1/05 A big thank you song, really...
Death of Hearts some sort of... rock music, I think... 10/13/05 Apparently my devotion to a certain artform knows no bounds...
(Keep on) Rockin' in Midgar joking devotion 9/25/05 Yes, I actually am that obsessed...
Filthy Innocence weird... metal..? 9/5/05 SOMEONE'S got to mention it.
Paths Cross ...apocalyptic..? 8/4/05 Disaster hits!  Heh.
Born to Destroy basement rock 8/2/05 Well... it's interesting, at least
Get Off Your Ass
just a jam 6/29/05 (Orin Drake and Company) It seemed appropriate at the time...
My Heart Aches quiet 6/18/05 Not much to say here, really.
Next Big Thing more game-y funtime! 4/11/05 It's either video game music, or some trance thing.  Either way.
Selective ..odd 4/4/05 No idea, but I like it!
Battle for Time video game battle music 4/27/05 Gotta love it.
Reign drug-addled garage punk? 4/13/05 A looooooooooong time in the making.
I Will Not Be Forgiven more ranting! 4/8/05 Also known as, "The Pope is Dead, Long Live the Pope"
I Tried to Scream ...desperation..? 4/2/05 Big beat, strange lyrics--alright!
Last Dreamer experimental..? 3/24/05 "Politely pissy", or "gently attacking"...
Sex is Good - Rant Version rant to music 3/22/05 It's true!
My Mind won't even try, here... 3/21/05 Definitely gets freaky there at the end...
Night Terror freaky 3/12/05 Listen to it in the dark... it's fun!
Cheshire Grin er... strange and funky? 3/12/05 Sometimes it just turns out that way...
My Love sweetly psychotic 1/31/05 Obsessive love songs rock
Drache (Comin' to Get Me) well... it is music... 1/27/05 Better look out, child...
WAKE UP talk and rhythm 1/9/05 Live awake or die asleep.
Background soft, relaxing 1/9/05 Soft and soothing, for once.
Bring on 2005 pissed and punky 1/1/05 This is not the U.S.A...
Game Concept Music very video game-ish 12/28/04 Just a concept at this point...
Bloody Mari very... weird 12/13/04 Happy Anti-Christmas!!!
My Footsteps fun, of course 11/19/04 Instrumental, rocky and... well, cool.
Psycho Bitch punk-bitch 10/25/04 It... had to be done.
We Dreaming Savages uh... a Halloween RPG-type thing? 10/16/04 Well, it's... a little bit different, anyway.
I See Water definitely experimental 10/16/04 Only drums and vocals, here...
I Lost My Vision to a Star weird but rock-y 9/25/04 A weird stream of consciousness.  Is there any other kind, though?
And Still kinda rockin' 9/18/04 One of those times when you're just screwing around with the guitar and good stuff falls out.  No, really.
scathing 9/15/04 (Orin Drake and Company) Devoted to all the little prepubescent wannabe "punk" bitches... I hate you all.
Critique This punk-ish and rock-ish 8/29/04 Extremely harsh and terribly rude, lyric-wise.  But fun, regardless.
Fiasco no idea 8/17/04 It's fun.  To me, anyway.
Take Flight rock-ish 8/17/04 New sound test, old lyrics.

This is Not the Way
music, man... just music 8/15/04 (Orin Drake and Company) Another collaboration with "and Company".
Eye of the Storm rock-y 8/5/04 I really enjoy this... it's different.
I Walk
"rock" 7/15/04 (Orin Drake and Company) My first collaboration with "and Company".  And it rocks.
Hopeful rhythm-y? 6/22/04 Rhythm, I say!
One More Day I don't know!!! 6/15/04 A weird little experiment.
It All Falls Apart something... "different", maybe... 6/11/04 Sounds like I was really drunk.  But I wasn't!
Abandoned in the Storm horror video game/ psychological 5/24/04 I'm actually thinking of designing a game around this.  Weird, huh?
Sanguine no freakin' idea 5/17/04 Very symbolic.  No, really.
Bulletproof Ego rather punk-ish 5/13/04 And the self-esteem rises...
Tainted not a clue 4/7/04 More of a test than anything.
Stop Trying to Bring Me Down (Bitch) "garage punk", perhaps? 3/25/04 Extremely harsh lyrics.  The title pretty much says it all...
Soldiers in the Rain sumpin' good, babe 3/16/04 Bittersweet with hints of... chocolate?
Fools and Angels I haven't the faintest 3/12/04 Kinda creepy imagery... at least to me.
Celtic Ocean Celtic-y 3/11/04 Definitely has a calm, Celtic feel.
I'm a Lustful Heretic
punk 2/16/04 And I am.  I am.