Plucking the String

Date: March 24, 2005
Genre: experimental..?

I recently read The Great Divorce and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis... I think that's where some of this comes from.  See, I used the same basic guitar part for this song that I did for "Sex is Good", seeing if I couldn't get something completely different out of the same building blocks... and apparently it worked(!).
        I'm sick of the media.  I'm sick of sociopathic assholes in seats of power.  And I'm really goddamned sick of bastards with no imagination, no love for fantasy, no desire to open up their worlds, their minds, their sense of reality...  There are not "dreamers and doers".  There are artists (which include dreamers, writers, musicians--anything creative) and there are the worthless.  FUCK the worthless.

Lost and alone
(You deserve it)
How will I make it on my own
(You'll never make it)
Where is there to go
(Nowhere but down)
Who will ever know
(No one will ever know)

All the dreamers are gone
(Eaten alive)
All the dreamers are gone
(It's them that we despise)
All the dreamers have gone
(We've destroyed them)
All the dreamers are gone
(Torn apart)

Dead and alone
(And they deserved it)

(What gave them the right
What gave them the will to fight)

Dead and alone
The dreamers have died
(Dead they'll stay)
Where do we go
(There's nowhere to go)
Where do we go
(Stay here and die)
All the dreamers have gone
(You'll perish with them)
Dreamers have gone
(We won't admit to our fear)
All the dreamers have gone
(Our fear of the rest of you)

Dead and alone
(You're not sane)
How can I make it on my own
(Only we're sane)
Only left alive
(You should be normal)
In a world that can't survive
(Normal just like us)
What am I gonna do
(Just like us)
Without the rest of you
(You can't be different)

Guess I just go on

- lyrics and music copyright 2005,
Orin Drake