Plucking the String

Date: March 9, 2006
Genre: theme song... kinda

I am SO HAPPY WITH THIS SONG.  Just so... everyone knows.
        This is a series of complete accidents that came together in a very glorious kind of way.  It hadn't been any song that I was working on... just kind of screwed off in Fruity Loops and Acid and... all of a sudden I had the "no vocals or guitar" version (second link to the left--it was too good not to include).
        As for the lyrics... well, I've been working on this "thing" for a while, Broken Soldier.  It's... like a novel... I guess.  Sort of.  Anyway.  That's what I was thinking of when I was recording the lyrics, so I think that came out just fine... but certain fellow video game enthusiasts might find... other interesting meanings.  And that's all I'm tellin' ya.

This is not our war
This is a battleground
You can tell by the blood around
It's thick in the air

This is not our war
What are we fighting for?
There's nothing left to fight
Nothing left inside

This is not our war
This is not our time
Something deep divine
Has scarred us deep inside

This is not our war
This is not our time to fight
This is not the time to know
What we do is not right

This is not our war
None of these sins will be absolved
Nothing we know will ever be solved
And that's how it is

This is not our war
This is not a sacred ground
This is not our fight to fight

Well I can pretend
That I know what I'm doing here
And I know you can pretend
That I'm right

In the end we'll see
What's to become of me, and you
Never to see the light
Of the stars that shine

I'm lost here
But I'm not alone and I'm not lonely
I just happen to know
I'm the only one

And I'm lost here
On the battleground
In the war apart
I made on my own

I can not pretend to know
I can not pretend to stay alone

What are we doing here?

What are we doing here?
- lyrics and music copyright 2006,
Orin Drake