Plucking the String

Date: January 1, 2005
Genre: pissed and punky

Starting off the new year right, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  Neener.
        Well, I'd intended to focus on the political.  And that worked for... almost a minute.  Then it kinda tumbled from there into religion and... wherever else it landed.  I'm still cleaning up the pieces--but, nevermind.  I'm happy with it, and it actually makes me laugh when I listen to it, so that's the value.  True but funny.  Funny-true.
        Oh, and in case this is your first journey into my musical madness, do remember the word CONTEXT. Okay, now you can bitch.

This is not the U.S.A.
This is not the U.S.A.
I don't know where the fuck we are
But this could not be the U.S.A.

Where are my freedoms?
Why can't I think like I fucking want?

This is a young country,
A cocky country,
And as such it should be hit in the fucking mouth

Look, I'm willing to agree that everyone should live the way that they wanna live, and should be accepted for it.  But this is just fucking ridiculous.

Where is our separation of church and state?
Why the hell are people talking about god all the fucking time?
I worship the god of rock and roll
Where the fuck is my church?

And if I wanna talk about it
Why do other people give me dirty looks all the time?

Always talking about fucking Jesus
Or god
Or some other ridiculous fictional character in the sky

Now, come on.  Everyone has the right to believe as they please, and there's probably something up there right now looking down at me and saying, "Hey, shut the fuck up."  But you know what, fuck you, because I'm not going to.

Weren't we supposed to live in freedom?
For thoughts and religion and expression?
And shouldn't that freedom include not being ruled by idiots?
By fucking morons with their own sensibilities
Pressing down upon everyone else.

Where the hell have I been?
Not in the U.S.A. apparently.

Does this frighten anybody else?!

So I'm not moving out of the country yet
I mean, I want to
But I live in the U.S.A
And maybe in the end something could be done about it

Then again, maybe it's all fuckin' hopeless

- lyrics and music copyright 2005,
Orin Drake