Plucking the String

Date: August 15, 2004
Genre: rock

All of the music was recorded by "And Company" while I was off gallivanting around the internet--then handed to me with no expectations at all.  I looked at him funny before locking myself in the boiler room with the recorder for an hour and a half, finally coming out with... this.  Just a little bit autobiographical.

So you see her standing there
Red eyes and red hair
What's the first thing that goes through your mind?

"Could this be a joke?
"Some stupid office poke?
"Or could this be the one I'm set to hire?"

Give a girl a break
She knows it's give and take
She also knows that she's above that game

This is just a job
Employed amongst the snobs
To fund their own domination

This is not the way
This is not the way
This is not the way I wanna die
This is not the way I wanna live
They all know that
At least, I think they know that

Don't wanna die in a cubicle
Don't wanna die in an office building
I wanna die with both feet on the ground
One hand on my guitar
The other hand, wherever it may land
Lots of blood

I wanna die like a rock star
But without the overdose and shit

- lyrics copyright 2004, Orin Drake
- music and guitar copyright 2004, "And Company"