Plucking the String

Date: September 15, 2004
Genre: scathing

While I must admit that it was one teenie bopper "punk" recently invading the joke that is MTV and radio, this song is devoted to all of them.
        As for how this came about, "and Company" was screwing around with the guitar, told me to come listen to what he had down but wasn't going to keep... and instantly the words sprung to mind.  I had to.  I just had to.
        This was truly a group effort, however.  I came up with the basic lyrics, Jake Bonsai came up with the idea to have the mini conversation in the middle and the general feel of the ending, and "and Company" did all the guitar work.  Love it.  I just... I'm so proud of us.  Suck us, you prepubescent morons!

I'm angsty
And I'm bitchy
And I don't know who
This "Bow-ie" guy is
And I don't care
'Cause he's not me

I'm angry
And I scream a lot
I wear black nail polish
And big black boots
So I must be punk

I've never heard
The Sex Pistols
And they don't really matter
To me at all
'Cause they're not me

I think I am
God's gift to
Teenage boys 
'Cause I got tits
And I am pouty
I know they like that

[voice 1] Hey, you see that girl over there?
[voice 2] Yeah, the one with black nail polish?
She must be a punk, right?
[voice 1] Nah, just Canadian

I'm popular
With preppie roots
But what I really wanna be
Is an outcast
They are so cool
They are so cool

Yeah, I'm just a poser
You don't really care though, right?
I've got all these old geezers
Coming up to me
Telling me I'm not punk
I've got black nail polish!
I've got rubber bracelets!
I am so punk!

- lyrics copyright 2004, Orin Drake
- music and guitar copyright 2004, "And Company"