Plucking the String

Date: September 29, 2006

        Er... another video game-inspired piece?  N-no.  Of course not.  This was inspired by a conversation about a video game. *cough*
        It's a great big "what if".  That I did not intend to turn into a song, but... well.  There was a lot of waiting around today, so... I had to fill my time with something worthwhile.

I'm lost inside
Lost inside you
Trapped inside
Lost inside my mind

I am trapped inside of you
Inside your mind
See through your eyes

I am lost inside you
My private hell
My private hell

My chosen hell

I'm lost inside
I'm lost inside your mind
Behind your eyes

So close
To becoming you
To you becoming me
I'm lost inside
I'm lost behind your eyes
My chosen hell
My chosen hell

I'm locked inside
I'm locked behind your eyes
Dead inside
I've betrayed the past
My pride

My chosen hell
I'm lost to this world
I'm lost to every world

My chosen hell


- lyrics and music copyright 2006,
Orin Drake