Plucking the String

Date: September 25, 2005
Genre: joking devotion

I really had not meant for this to turn out sounding... at all sincere.  It was just a joke song after having seen "a movie in particular" (if you know, you know... and if you don't maybe it won't sound so ridiculously stupid... I hope)... but it kinda turned out... weird.  I don't even know how serious to take it.  I rather like the things it doesn't say--I was going to use particular quotes, but that was just too obvious.
        Again technology bites me in the ass, however.  Serves me right for trying to replace the drum beat.  There are a few skips and some odd-sounding places, but it's... mostly in tact.


I've waited long enough
Been alone so long

That tragic smile
I'd follow it forever

And I think I have

Keep on rockin'
Keep on rockin' in Midgar

We're doomed to continue this
Meet again and nobody wins

Meet again
And nobody wins

The tragedy fell
From a distant star
From a distant star

I guess she never saw it coming
Nobody did
Nobody did

I'd follow you forever

(I remember)

Keep on rockin'
Won't you keep on rockin'
In Midgar

Here we go again
Looking over
Looking within

Why can't I find you there?
Why can't I see you here?
Where have you gone?

Where have you been?

Follow you forever
I said I'd follow you forever
Where have you been?

Keep on rockin'
Won't you keep on rockin'
Keep on rockin' in Midgar...

- lyrics and music copyright 2005,
Orin Drake