Plucking the String

Date: May 17, 2004
Genre: no freakin' idea

I guess you could almost call this my attempt at some kind of epic ballad... which is laughable due to the drums, isn't it?  But that's kinda the thing, actually... I am a big fan of dichotomy.
        This whole thing has to do an awful lot with the universes inside my mind... my stories.  Many (many many many) of which haven't been written yet.  So if nothing makes sense, either you have no imagination or you'll just have to wait.  (Or trade info for, I dunno, video games?)
        I'm going to admit, the themes in this song are... very deep to me.  This really feels like putting a lot on the line, even if it probably doesn't seem like it to anyone else.  And just who/what is screaming for a victim?  Well, that you're just going to have to figure out on your own... or wait.

(I need a victim)
(I need a victim)

Be down this road
I am never
Coming back home

(I need a victim)
(I need a victim)

Is my refrain
I'll never
See it again

(I need a victim)
(I need a victim)

You're a fool, unkind
To let it all unwind
For the sake of some
Warm machine

If you're the one
Who made the sun
Then let it burn
It's just too late

(I need a victim)
(I need a victim...)
[continues, underneath]

We travel
So far
On worn
And desperate

But not alive
Just the same

We want ourselves
And there
We want the rest

What'll we get?

- lyrics and music copyright 2004,
Orin Drake