Plucking the String

Date: March 16, 2004
Genre: sumpin' good, babe 

        This song is literally two and a half years in the making.  I attempted three different versions around 2002 with the trusty old 4-track tape recorder (now defunct), and got so fed up with the quality of sound and the crappy microphone that I let it rest.

        And then came this version.  This song is my very first "real song", long before any of the others.  Finally having it down, and work, is... absolutely amazing, people.
        Again, however, you may have noticed I was foiled by the microphone.  Took me almost four hours just to get the lyrics not to sound horrible... but it was worth it, I must admit.  I must also admit that after four hours with this song alone, in a hot little dark room, trying to record the same lyrics over and over and over, I need some goddamn chocolate something.
        Special thanks to StrengthLove for Homeward Bound, the initial spark that fueled the imagination.

        * Note regarding "Soldiers in the Rain: Overdriven Remix": sure seemed like a good idea at the time. *grin*  I'm not saying I hate it, I'm just saying... well, it's nice to have another person's interpretation.  I just happen to think it strays farther than I'd have liked from the original.  Still, I did the vocals and a good deal of the guitar, and "The Invisable DJ" did literally all the rest.  So, it's here for download because I worked on it.

No one sees your crying
In the rain
No one sees you dying
In the rain

Get away from here
Before you decide to stay
No one sees us dying
In the rain

Hold me like I'm never
Coming home

Ordered, we followed
And lives, we'd lead;
Left nothing, in-between

Hold me like I'm never
Coming home

- lyrics and music copyright 2001,
Orin Drake