Plucking the String

Date: April 7, 2004
Genre: I... have no idea at all...

This thing started out simply enough by the basic rhythm guitar... and I'm not entirely certain how it evolved.  I kinda pictured a one-sided conversation in my head as the lyrics started to come out... and then it turned completely Luciferian.  Hey, great story.
        It's rough as hell.  And that's hardly the best way to describe it... but it was simply an experiment.  My husband said it reminded him of Patti Smith... and I could not be more honored.  Well... maybe a little.

I, can smell, your taint
Stop mistaking the symbol for what it represents
The "real world" is just like high school
I, want, revenge
I am not a forgiving person
I don't need your absolution
I sure as hell don't need to ease your mind
Pay no attention to the lack of substance behind the pretty curtain
But I, can smell, your taint

It takes balls
Steady hands
To try to male me kneel down

Take your time
Make it last
Make me fall to my knees

What I find?
I smell the taint on your hands

You don't know
I won't tell
Go ahead and force my fall

Never know
And I'll
Never be with you again

Burn the text
Eat the rest
And we'll never have to kneel

Kill the son
Make you weep
Abandon your creations

I'll see you in Hell, babe
I'm gonna see you in Hell
If I have to drag you down myself
I'm gonna see you in Hell

Was it true?
Did I love you so
That I refused to kneel?

You cast me down!
I couldn't love them!
You cast me down!
How could you do it?

You cast me down!
I couldn't love them!
You cast me down!
How could you?

- lyrics and music copyright 2004,
Orin Drake