Deluxe Rinzler

        I really wanted to wait until a 12" version came out, but... that's never going to happen, so I snagged the 7" deluxe version on sale.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen and programs and robots and whatever the hell else you are--I loved Tron: Legacy like burning.  A good kind of burning.  Just to clarify.

        Holy crap, GLOWY!  Okay, so it's not a lightcycle, but yay glowy lights.  They last for all of ten seconds at a time, but that's probably for the best.

        He comes with two identity disks (one is on his back... and only one fits onto his back, but I guess that makes "sense"), a lightsab--er, beam katana, some kind of staff thingie, and some lightcycle-related stuff that does not in fact call up a real lightcycle so what's the damn point?  Disney.  Need more lightcycles please.

        And here is is with both of his disks.  Now, it was while posing him that I discovered... how difficult it was to pose him.  I don't like to be a snobbish bitch about only going after Japanese figures, but... um... I'm reminded why here.  Rinzler is not a bad figure.  The joints are a bit loose, he fell three times while I was taking pictures, and I lost one or both of his disks on multiple occasions.  The articulation is laughable.  The plastic is... questionable, though I do understand the cost of plastics is rising quickly.  But at least he glows!

        Don't look at me like that.  If Disney didn't want me to pose him that way then they shouldn't have put such a large screw hole (that is what it is!  I swear it is!) in a very terrible (though appropriate) place.  ...Oddly I suddenly feel like I need to get a Clu figure to stand behind him now.  Hm.

        As I was saying about the articulation, this is about as animated a pose as I can get.  Which is, for my purposes, okay.  I mean, you know.  He looks like he's having fun.

        But it looks like he's having more fun here...

        This is where I decided to put him.  Somewhere he'll be happy, and have plenty of company.  Rinzler and his pretty ponies.
        All in all, I don't want to say I'm disappointed with the figure, because I'm not.  I'm a little disappointed with the loose joints, but those are easy enough to fix, as is a little "heat treatment" for his hands to get him to hold the disks better.  Still kind of hoping for a 1/6 scale-ish release just because I'd only get into more posing trouble that way.  If 1/6 scale lightcycles start appearing, though, all bets are off.