DXF Sakata Gintoki

        Gintama seemed like such an impossible series.  I started when it was "only" well over 200 episodes and... well, something happened and I saw them all and I wanted more.  It happens sometimes.  I'd been actively staying away from merchandise... until I saw this guy for $12 USD and how was I supposed to resist that?  (Though I am currently kicking myself for being impatient.  I could have gotten Shinpachi for the same price.  Argh.)

        And every time a price is brought down dramatically due to "box damage", a toy collector hears a bell and there's something about wings and pouncing on deals and paying and ripping the package open.  Or something.  At least the box is nice.

         And the back of the box.  Dammit, Shinpachi.  Maybe next time.  I'm still waiting for you to have a figure in a kick-ass pose of some kind, but... I realize that's as likely as getting an Otacon figure that doesn't suck.

        I'd been warned that the quality of DXF figures are all over the place.  I was prepared.  Overall, though, I must say that I was worried for nothing.  This is a prize figure, so the quality obviously won't be anything near the $100+ scaled figures.  There are some paint nicks, a little smearing, and the face may be a touch off from certain angles (more on that later), but... it's a nice figure.  The paint and detail are still good, and for being a static figure it's definitely worth what I paid for it.  Also note that the string on his belt is... just a string that I didn't notice until after the picture was taken.  Ahem.
        Just because I'm sure that Gintama fans will appreciate it, I have to mention that getting him out of his plastic made me laugh pretty hard.  His hair is so sharp and pointy that the plastic encasing his head looked like it had suffered excessive stab wounds.

        My aren't we sassy.  (The answer is yes.)  The hair seam is sort of obviously clear here, but for some unexplained reason, none of the seams bother me in the least.  The folds in his clothing are simple but effective and nothing to complain about.

        The hair seam is completely hidden here, but the ones in his clothes are a bit more obvious.  Again, I just... don't mind.  They're not noticeable enough to annoy me.

        Of course we need to have an ass shot!  ...Even if there's... pretty much no ass in view at all.  Unfair!  Still, it's a pretty nice view.  Up close there are a few paint problems around the waist and some scuffs here and there, but it's nothing that I can't fix if I build up enough motivation.

        The most common complaint I saw about this figure was the face.  And yes, again, it's not one of those super-expensive figures that takes an unimaginable amount of time and effort on the face, but... for Gintoki, this is pretty damn good.  Hell, a slightly displeased and disinterested look is sort of just the character.  He means business, this is all you need to know.

        And another close-up shot for detail.  The fingers... aren't perfect.  They're far from "bad", though, and I'd prefer a touch of painted shading to none at all.  It's sort of a little more important to get the sword right, as far as I'm concerned.
        In all, I'm pretty happy with this figure even if I do wish for an articulated Gintoki.  ...That's not in the $300 price range.  (I know your dirty tricks, Sunrise/Bandai.)  Yet another one of those impossible dreams, I suppose.