Mickey Transformer

        A little bit of background for anyone unaware.  I am obsessed with the crashed truck in Kingdom Hearts 2.  Absolutely obsessed.  Ask anyone who knows me, the mere mention of it drives me nuts.  (There is an abandoned, crashed truck in The World That Never Was; literally, a world that doesn't exist.  This truck still has its emergency lights flashing, and the back hatch is open.  You can't look in, you can't go in, and you can't get past it.  This has haunted me for years.  I know how stupid that is, thank you.)  I am also obsessed with Transformers (G1 and Beast Wars, thank you again).  Kingdom Hearts is a collaboration between Square-Enix and... Disney.  So, the Mickey Transformer in black and white was sort of a little "have to have".

        A Japanese transformer!  I just gained status points!  ...Ahem.  Anyway.  This is truly the weirdest concept ever.  Let's explore.

        Not only do we have creepy transforming mecha-Mickey, but... "real" Mickey is on his head, giving him orders.  Okay.  (Yes, I know that's not what the "wings" are supposed to look like--but I don't like folding them up any further because I think they look stupid.  Neener.)  At least it's visually interesting.  ...The paint on those "shoes" is just a little messy, though.  I never thought I'd be one of those people, argh.

        Because it amused me, this is what you'll see just before you close the door to complete the vehicle mode.  Nightmarish.

        Strangely enough, Mickey's right there again!  As for that mark just above the left front tire... I have no idea what that is.

        I admit it, I enjoy the slightly re-imagined Autobot symbol.  However, it still seems to be an effective warning to get the hell out of there if you see a bunch of them.

        And the back, because... well, why not, I suppose.  Still notice the messy paint job in the pictures.  Damn.
        All in all, of course I'm happy to have this.  The transformation is dead simple, which actually makes it a little more fun given its incredible small size.  The detail is pretty nice, and of course the weird factor is more than enough to have drawn my eye.  The price was a little much, I thought, but I bought it anyway, so... joke's on me there.