Minimates KARR

        I was a Knight Rider fan from the get-go.  One of my earliest memories is retaliating against some jerk in pre-school who thought he could get away with pushing me in order to get to the KITT car in the communal toy box.  Guess who wound up with KITT that day and every day.  Don't mess with my KITT, bitch.  .............Ahem.
        But then there was KARR.  For all intents and purposes, KARR was "evil KITT".  And he was voiced by none other than Peter Cullen, also the original Optimus Prime.  That's right, KARR was like listening to an evil Optimus Prime.  ...I still love that, leave me alone.  So, when I saw news that a little bitty adorable KARR was coming out... I snagged it.  It took three months to get to me, but dammit, he's here.

        And he brought along a friend!  If you don't know the story behind Knight Rider, uh... make it up in your head.  No, seriously, it'll be fine.  Just think "stereotypical evil twin stuff" and you'll be fine.  On a packaging side note, what dick thought it was okay to tuck the ends of the twisty ties under the knot they were already wedged in?!  I demand your name.  Now.  Luckily I have many small wire cutters at my disposal.

        He looks like a Garth, don't he?  What with his pimp cane and the hairy chest and all?  KARR's just going, "I am so embarrassed for you."

        I'm in love with my KARR... *cough*  Well come on, it's such a dream machine.  He's gorgeous and still somehow adorable.  I don't know how.  Also, the doors open, which is rather nice... but.
        I don't want to be one of those people, I really don't.  One of those "Japanese figures are always better" people.  Seriously.  And in this case, I got this set for $13.  I mean, that's a great deal for what it is, so I am not complaining on price point.  But.  The plastic was marred, scratched and cloudy in various spots before I got the car out of the package, and you can see streaks in the above image that will not be cleaned off.

        But worst of all... you have to apply the stickers yourself.  Yes, the dreaded decals.  I fucking hate that you're expected to apply microscopic stickers to the interior of the car when there is no humanly possible way to do so.  I did what I could.  I lost the smallest one.  I care not.  KARR is no less KARR without a... whatever that was.  Still, the interior is nicely detailed without the stickers.

        Proof that I've been dealing with Japanese figures too long.  It's much too much of me to expect that a field where you are expected to apply a sticker should be the size of said sticker.  Well, whatever.  It's still KARR.  See, it says so.  Off-center.

        And here's Garthy-boy!  He cracks me up.  Look at that glare of evil, that white suit, that pimp cane.  The chest and facial hair.  All of it says "I am the evil twin!  From the 80's!"

        Garth's dark little secret revealed.  That's not a real suit at all!  And this is where I have to wonder about the term "quality control", frankly.

        This is exactly how they're posed on my shelf right now.  In the end, I'm still happy with this.  I mean, KARR!  I want to pick up the "regular" version of KITT as well, so... I guess I'll just keep checking the Toys R Us web site.  I'll only step into one of those stores if I absolutely have to.  It depends entirely on the shipping cost, you know?