Transformers Masterpiece Road Rage

        As a toy, Road Rage has a bit of a history.  Her profile, from the Transformers Wiki: "The bodyguard/advisor of Cybertron ambassador Crosscut. She is well-versed in alien cultures and generally cheerful, making her a very good diplomat. However, a chronic short-out in her vehicle mode causes her to live up to her name; in car mode, she is a snarling, swerving speed machine with little regard—if not utter contempt—for anyone else on the road with her. This is pretty embarrassing for her once she reverts to robot mode."  Is it any wonder why I adore a red Stingray with a split personality?
        I missed the E-Hobby release.  I didn't find out about it, or about Road rage herself, until some years later, when the price was already choking-worthy.  She was on my mental list of complete impossibilities but things to leap on someday if they ever became possible.  Fast-forward to last year, when Masterpiece Tracks (a blue Stingray) was slated for release, and there was this mysterious rumor about Road Rage being close behind.  I pounced the second I saw her go on pre-order.  My little red Corvette.

        Waiting was hard.  Especially since she was delayed.  But when the mailman finally dropped off the package, which was then carefully decimated, I must admit that I admired the box for a bit.  It's actually very nice, with a bit of silver foil and both the car mode and alternate mode figures raised and glossy on the matte background.  Yes, I admired; then recycled.

        Of course I took a picture of the back of the box before that.  Not bad for a first Masterpiece.

        And this is the sight that greeted me.  Everything held together with a few pieces of tape and pressure.  Gorgeousness suspended in plastic--but not for much longer.
        Also, her card is just nice.  They all are, from what I've seen, but still lovely.

        SPEAKING OF LOVELY.  Oh I can't express how insanely happy I was to see that she was red.  A lot of pictures on the internet had her looking like that sickly "orange-red" that I just particularly do not like at all.  Would I have preferred her in a red metal flake?  Hell yes.  But to see that she is a real and true RED Stingray Corvette is so very satisfying.

        Such a beauty.  Spinning wheels, lightly tinted windows, that sleek slender muscular design that I so very much adore.  More on the side mirrors in a moment.

        And of course you can pop the hood.  What you'll find in there is some vroom and a little bit of shiny.

        Now for these insanely obnoxious mirrors.  She came with four rather than two.  I'd wondered why... before I tried to snap the tiny pieces of plastic into place.  They were then snapped out of place several dozens of times as I was first transforming her.  There was some cursing.  Most of it out loud.  I will be gluing these little bastards into place and hoping for the best, but keeping the other two.  Just in case.  Nice touch, but argh.

        Then there's flight mode!  Wings out, "laser ram" at the front, fins and rockets at the back, ready for a full-on assault.  So... probably best to hide if you see this coming for you.  But oh how very gorgeous it is.  I mean, I would have been just as happy with her without the flight mode, but weaponized flying car mode.

        View from the side, since she did not come with a flight stand, as Tracks did.  Cough cough, Takara.  (Though she was a lot cheaper to ship than Tracks was, as I understand it, so it was a trade off.)  Her enormous gun fits underneath her for yet another weapon.  Beautiful.

        Now to inspect the accessories!  Big-ass gun.  Much bigger than the one Tracks came with.  You can imagine how certain types of internet folk were just so offended by that.  Then there's Twincast/the stereo/boom box, which... I'm not sure why she has him.  Tracks had him, so I guess... to match?  Hey, radio.  Everyone needs their tunes.
        ...And then there's the "laser ram".  All jokes have already been made.  But I'm still going to laugh about it.

        Then we have her in all of her transformed glory!  In an "I have had it with all your misogynistic bullshit" pose, but then it's definitely my fault for peeking in on forums and seeing what idiots on the internet think about things.  NOT THE POINT.  (Sex/gender in giant ancient conscious autonomous robots is actually a pretty interesting topic too, but also not the point.)
        Just... look at her.  (And no, she does not have her shoulder rockets out.  She is a lady, thank you.)  Okay, yes, fine, she's an Autobot.  But no one's perfect.

        Cheerful and a good diplomat maybe, but she can also completely obliterate someone with that plasma discharger if need be,  That's what I look for in a diplomat.

        "What the hell do I do with this?"
        So we move on to minor gripes about the range of motion.  Now, this is a Masterpiece Transformer.  Not really designed for a full range of movement, but for enough poseability to look awesome.  I am totally fine with that; Road Rage has tight joints and a lot of movement in them.  But she can't sit properly, alas.

        There's no way I could just not get an ass shot.  All things considered, I mean... not bad.  I think it's actually interesting, how her doors form a "back".

        And ultimately, if you don't like her, you can tell it to her face.  While backing up.  And then running.  Better run real fast, though.  (...Can Transformers crack their knuckles?)

        "Come, young one, I will show you how to kick ass."
        In all, am I happy with her?  Was she worth the wait and the money?  Don't let all of the short paragraphs fool you; the pictures do most of the talking and showing off for me.  Yes, yes I am absolutely happy with her, and only became more enamored with her design when I finally had her in my hands.  The only real gripe I have aside from the damn mirrors is the fact that some of her joints were maybe too tight right out of the box, making the initial transformation into flight mode damn near impossible.  The second try was a lot easier, though, and now there's very little effort needed, but the joints remain decently tight.  It's a transformation that makes sense only after the fact, but that's... Transformers, as far as I'm concerned.
        I am deeply happy that my little red Corvette is finally home, and I get the feeling she's going to run a bit of a tight ship.  Should be fun.