About the Artist

       Clearly Orin Drake is a shiny-obsessed, geeky, disturbed individual.  But I just have so much fun that way.
       Shiny things were always attractive, of course.  As they always are for someone with no attention span or chases after moving objects--especially if they're shiny and moving.  I stumbled into jewelry making by complete accident, as also often happens.  Always an artist, I'd been drawing, painting and sculpting for quite some time when I stumbled upon some people doing jump ring chainmail.  So I tried.  And I tried some more.  And added beads.  Then the worst possible thing happened: I was encouraged.  I don't think it will ever stop now.
       When I'm not exploring the arts, I'm enjoying the particularly dorky and hilarious endeavors of my Kingdom Hearts parody voice acting group, OrgLIX (and our spin-off and Crisis Core-centric Crisis Perverted) where I direct, edit, mix, and do a good deal of writing (and often with my writing partner, the also geekily talented SchalaKitty).
       I also enjoy music quite a bit.  Enough to make my own, at least.  I also do a good bit of writing, mostly fiction with a touch of scifi and horror.  Non-fiction can be found at my LiveJournal, but... you more or less probably do not need to know these things.
       If there's ever actually a time when I'm not actively doing something, then I am indulging in video games, if not already painfully and blatantly obvious.  I'm also quite an "action figure enthusiast", mostly when it comes to transforming robots or figures linked to certain Square-Enix video games.  If you ask me about my My Little Pony collection, though, I will ignore you.
       Most importantly, I enjoy what I do.  Even the pieces that take absolutely forever and give me many problems, cuts and bruises make me happy.  I know that many artists far surpass my skills, that they use much more expensive materials than I do... but I do damn good work and I'm not going to be humble about that.  Viva la geekdom.